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Earn Your ACC

70 hours of essential skill training.

Includes mentor coaching.

Delivered fully online.

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70 Hours Pathway.

ICF Approved Training Hours (ACSTH)

For Previously Credentialed Coaches ONLY.

CCE Options

Packages for the ACC, PCC or MCC.

Customized to work around your schedule and your goals.

CCE or ACSTH Options.

Harrison Certification

Focused on key Harrison Theories.

Uses a flipped classroom.

Includes Competency Assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions.   

Integrated Coach Training is CoachNet's core training approach. This step-by-step process builds around a short list of key ideas (called coaching hacks). Integrated Coach Training develops vital skills and helps you apply what you've learned. 

Some of the most common ones are answered below.  If you've got more, please email us at support@coachnet.org.


Why would I think about Integrated Coach Training?
Relationships make things happen in today's fast-paced, internet-driven, everyone's-moving-too-quickly-to-even-think day and age. Coaching gives you a repeatable structure for getting stuff done. It's a guiding principle for overall effectiveness. Coaching gives you a framework where you can invest in relationships first. Watch the growth flow when you coach!

What's the CoachNet training system?
Integrated Coach Training follows a simple paradigm: Orientation, Practice, Specialize,

  • Internalize. It's a paradigm that you can use in your coaching.
  • Orientation: The first phase sets a participant up for success using knowledge transfer and vision development. You figure out where your skills will take you and what you need to learn. You realize what you don't know. Integrated Coach Training uses assessments in this phase to help you learn your Why, How and What for coaching.
  • Practice: The second section starts with getting out there and doing it. BUT, you're not on your own. You've got an experienced coach journeying with you, helping you learn from the experience. You dive into practice environments and gain valuable feedback.
  • Specialize: Here is where you start becoming the unique coach you're wired to be. Your solid coaching foundation gets applied in unique ways. The Plus options walk you through how. Best of all, you can take Plus courses as single, stand-alone options OR you can combine into a training block like the Essential 64.
  • Internalize: The last stage looks at who you are as you help others develop With a focus on Coaching Presence, the coach's internal makeup and character get explored in 500 Essential.

By putting the Practice and Specialize phases before Internalize, this training arc focuses on the action and reflection cycle to grow you as far as possible as quickly as possible.

Who needs Integrated Coach Training?
There are options for coaches of every experience level.

Who will be in my group? Who has used the Integrated Coach Training system?
Individual coaches who want to make all or part of their income from coaching make up the majority of our training clients. Managers who develop their people through coaching show up regularly. CoachNet works with organizations or groups who want to launch coaching movements.

Where is the training?
Integrated Coach Training is available online, so there are no travel or accommodation expenses. You can develop your coaching skills anywhere you want to work! We use a tool called Zoom Meeting for our training which works in your browser. You have the option of downloading a Zoom app to your computer, tablet or smartphone, but you make that choice.

What kind of computer skills do I need?
You'll need proficiency with a web browser, an email account, and a telephone can be useful. If you can visit a website and send an email, you're good to go. You will submit your follow up work in word documents or pdfs.

What happens during online training?
Some courses have pre-work. The live sessions are interactive, so you'll want to make sure you can use your device's microphone and camera. (We only use cameras occasionally.)

You can expect to engage in dialogue, learn the competencies of a qualified coach, and interact in small groups of three (triads) to practice coaching.

How do the triads work?
Live triads happen right in the Zoom meeting your course uses. Recorded triads use a dedicated call-in number that automatically connects you and saves the recording for review. One person coaches another, while the third person observes and keeps time. Once you've rotated through all three roles, you are done!

How long does the training take? Individual courses finish in 4- or 8-week blocks. Your class meets at the same time on the same day of the week. Turbo classes fit an entire course into one week. You can finish a 64-hour Training Block in as little as four months or take as long as 18 months.

Who will teach this course? CoachNet's Training Team carry International Coach Federation credentials and work as professional coaches. These skilled practitioners masterfully present core content and support it from their experience. The team engages in continued development under the direction of Jonathan Reitz, CoachNet's Director of Training. You can Meet the Team here.

Will this training count toward an International Coach Federation credential? Yes. Integrated Coach Training is Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) and can be used to earn or renew an ICF credential.

How long will each online session be?
Integrated Coach Training courses are either one hour or two hours per session, depending on which course you're taking. We recommend that you don't commit to more than two courses at a time.

My calendar is a problem. Do I have to come to all eight sessions?
You are responsible for attending the entire event, but you can miss 25% of the live sessions (either one or two, depending on the class) as long as you watch the recording before the next session.

Who will be my mentor coach?
If you choose a training block that includes mentor coaching, you'll join a group mentor relationship conducted by one of the CoachNet Training Team. All CoachNet mentor coaches carry at least the Professional Certified Coach credential from the ICF.

Are there payment plans available?
Yes. In the checkout process, you can select a three-payment option. Contact Judy Pence (judy@coachnet.org) for more details.

What if I hate it?
No worries. CoachNet offers a money back guarantee for untaken training if you opt out for any reason.  But we're confident you'll love what you're learning.

Is the training guaranteed?
You bet. See the question above.

What do I need to bring to the training?
You download everything you need from CoachNet, inside of the online training platform. Just be sure to allow some time to print what you need if you prefer to take notes by hand. (Some of the session notes are quite lengthy! We're in the process of setting them all up as fillable pdfs.)

What is the appropriate attire for this event?
Wear anything you want! We don't ask that you turn your camera on very often, so you'll mostly be by yourself. Be comfortable.

Do I have to read Jonathan Reitz's book, Coaching Hacks?
We suggest it. But if you want to be an outstanding coach, you will! :)   Order Coaching Hacks here.

How will I know I'm making progress as a coach?
You will listen more effectively and ask better questions. Your relationships become more impactful. You'll gain confidence that the people you coach are developing and moving toward their dreams. Your clients will thank you!

Does this mean I'm a certified coach?
That's a loaded question. "Certified coach" is a loaded term, for a lot of reasons. CoachNet prefers the term "trained coach" or "credentialed coach" if you earn an ICF designation.

Can I learn to train people as coaches?
Yes! Once you have an ICF credential, CoachNet has options to equip you to train coaches using the materials from 100 Launch.

  • Tony Webb | Vision USA
    "Keep up the good work! It's always been a joy working with the people at CoachNet."
    Tony Webb | Vision USA

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